Scott Sanders

About Me

I’m a seasoned creative and product leader focused on building great customer experiences that deliver value and drive business outcomes.

Product Designer


I’m a senior-level Product Designer / Leader with over 12 years of experience blending powerful brand experiences with intuitive and relevant user-centered design to help drive business outcomes. My knowledge and capabilities span across user research and testing, high-level UX design, engaging UI and interaction design, interactive prototyping, and leading high performing product design teams. 


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My Past


Previously I was Director of Product Design at Allstate Identity Protection where I managed a small team of designers and led all design efforts for multiple products across web and mobile that served over 2 Million users.

Design Philosophy


I move fast and firmly believe in shipping fast. I love talking with customers and leadership to figure out how the products I build solve both user and business needs. I rely heavily on user research and testing to drive design but always lean toward real user behavior as the driver of decisions. I know when to sweat the details, when to crank out a quick prototype, and when just to ship something to customers.

I believe that simple and great products are a direct result of the team’s effort behind it

I believe that great ideas don’t just come from the design team.

I aim to work with people who will push me, speak candidly, and help me grow my skill set.

I push others on my teams, speak candidly, and try to help them grow.

I believe heavily in people and collaboration over heavy documentation.

I believe that design is a messy process, and sometimes delivering something is better than perfection.

How I bring value

Design leadership

I have managed multiple teams across a wide variety of projects. My favorite part of leadership is watching an individual team members growth

Interaction design

I have deep understanding of how people use digital products and application best practices

Mobile design

I’ve built mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as responsive web applications that work great across all devices

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User Experience

I’ve practiced user-centered design for over 10 years and have crafted experiences across digital products and services

Customer research

I’ve conducted research efforts from ethnographic studies to usability testing, working alongside researchers, product managers, and alone.


I know when to sweat the details on a highly interactive prototype, when to build a quick and dirty mockup, and when to just ship something